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Human Flourishing Matters

Because every human is trying to achieve it; whether by big business or by living a simple life, by committing to helping the poor or to travelling the world... we each are trying to create for ourselves a better life.

The bit we want to add is that the path to  greater human flourishing is in becoming better humans.

What is HEAF?

("Human Excellence And Flourishing")

I am deeply interested in Human Flourishing, especially those bits that are within easy reach of each of us; our self-worth, our character, the value we contribute through work, leadership (ie; the influence of others), etc. 
Why? Because all humans have value and with the right processes and support can bring that value forth.

I have worked as a youth pastor, outdoor instructor, team development coach, small business advisor, character-educator and currently serve as a General Manager. I aim to use these sets of experiences, learnings and my own study and reflection to add to the conversation.

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“Be the change you want to see."
- Mahatma Gandhi