Human Excellence And Flourishing

We offer the programmes that we do because of our belief that all humans have value and can deliver that value with the right process and support.

Our Core Value Promises (ie; the kind of value we create) are to:

  • Have great resources for the ends we promise (we collate the best of available content).
  • Have a well-developed facilitation approach majoring on enthusiasm and energy for action.
  • Provide new ways of thinking about business and leading staff.

Steve is a certified business advisor and CliftonStrengths coach. His enthusiasm for more excellent work and overall flourishing come from his Christian faith. He believes that contributing something of value to others is part of what it means to be human and thereby our wellbeing. Doing great work is a key part of God’s will for mankind.

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Steve Parker, HEAF Facilitator and Business Advisor
Steve Parker, HEAF Facilitator and Business Advisor

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I always love a good coffee and meeting new faces. You can reach me on 027 200 3119 or e-mail me at . Alternatively, fill out the form and I'll be in touch :)

I travel throughout the Waikato. Somewhere else? We can arrange a Zoom meeting, too.

“We strive to see individuals do more excellent work, and workplaces to flourish”