Nail your business strategy with a clear point-of-difference, confidence in your offer and pride in your work.

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For small business owners who want clarity about where their business is at; what it’s doing well, what it can improve and what the opportunities are.

A thorough 360degree review of your business through being compared across 100 questions with best in class providers, gaining key engagement feedback from staff and customers.

2x2hour visits:

Special Offer: Earn $1000 back by taking up any other business development offer.

For small business owners who want to do “great” work (work that is good, different and genuine).

Solve your strategy problems and stand out from the crowd with this unique end-to-end programme to identify, extract and leverage every bit of value your business offerings have.

10week programme offered as either one-one (2hrs/week) or workshop (3hrs/week) format. 
One to one; $3600     Workshop; $2400 (next course dates TBC)
Registered with the Regional Business Partner Network (and so a subsidy may be available). Qualification meeting required

Offered in partnership with Business Success Partners. For small business owners who want overall strategy clarification and then ongoing support for implementation.

Get the full support you need to develop a solid business plan and implement key “working-on-your-business” strategies.

Ongoing fortnightly engagement:

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“Make stuff that matters for people who care”
- Seth Godin