How is this unique?

“To date people have talked about a Point of Difference as a ‘thing;’ market share, technology, strong team, etc. But how did you get that Point of Difference ‘thing’?”

Our contention is that these things are the end-result of your Point of Difference, but that the start of that Point of Difference is with you – the owner(s) of the business. You were the one who saw an opportunity and gained market share, who either created that technology or bought it or whatever… and it was you that created a strong team (or not!). Your business’ Point-of-Difference starts with you. This is the value you create. Your business’ Point-of-Difference is not in a thing, it’s in the way you do business.

What does "end-to-end" mean?

This course presents a distinct view of how to bring something to market, and it has three movements:

Value Creation >> Productizing >> Sales

There are many great models for what a truly successful business needs to be when it grows up, but at the heart is; value creation, productizing [that value] and sales. Bringing something to market that others want is what got it all started and what keeps it all going. These movements comprise what we call “the first art of business” – ie; that you can bring something to market that other people want at the price you need to charge to keep growing. This programme guides you through all three movements to produce the most powerful value proposition you can.