The free dictionary explains the saying "don't send a boy to do a man's job" as; "Avoid assigning challenging tasks to those that are inexperienced or otherwise incapable of completing them." Sometimes thi...
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The reason most often given for giving positive feedback is that it helps people feel acknowledged, valued and encouraged. If you've ever NOT received positive feedback, you'll know how important that is... not getting positive feedback can lead to feelings of being taken fo...
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The answer is surprisingly straightforward: >> An excuse is offered by someone trying to be excused from a bad thing >> A reason is offered by someone trying to help others understand why a bad thing happened but will ultimately let themselves be held accountable...
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This article was written March 30, 2020First things first!That according to Gallup’s largest poll on what followers most need (from their leaders), their needs are Stability, Hope, Compassion and Trust. These are perennial needs – they were here before Covid-19, they wil...
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